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Searchin' for Adventure

After a good day of building, some real life chores under my belt and a few episodes of a cult TV show watched *wink*, I was in the mood for some adventure. There weren't all that many posts on the feeds today, holiday and all, but one showed a cute food tray and said it was free. I love food props and the destination mentioned seemed like a promising first stop of the night.

Well we know how plans can go astray. I was enchanted by the poche stores. I visited two this evening -- poche main and petite poche. Now poche is an oriental store (I am guessing Japanese but I can't tell the difference in the writing) so I didn't get all the info about the shop. What I can say is that it lifts your spirits. It is fun and very pretty with lots of attention to details.

There are also tons (TONS) of gifts in the shop. I came away with a plethora of food props and some new trees. The main shop seemed to have more gifts than items for sale :D. And the items for sale are extremely reasonable. This is someone who loves to build and loves to share.

Many of the gifts are rez items but some include a wearable version. The detailing is excellent.

I did quite a bit of exploring in the Japanese sims, visiting neighboring shops and clubs and the like. I was impressed by how folks were making their dreams a reality. I have been busy building these last few days. My LEA welcome area became a TV studio and meeting area (well plans do change) and I found myself building stage lighting this afternoon. You just never know where the siren's song will take ya.

Sometimes we lose track of why we are here. Sure, some folks come simply to have virtual sex and journey onward -- one night stands in cyberspace. But those of us that stick around seem to have a personal goal of some kind, maybe many of them. It can change and grow and morph, but oftentimes it is about a sense of place --  an experiment in who we are or who we might have been. Tonight was a good reminder of that.

Poses by: Vista Animations, the props and the furniture


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