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Young At Heart


Not only will the Boho Culture Fair have exclusive releases, it will have presents!  This very pretty and youthful skin from BRAT is part of a gift pack.  The delicate flowered top is also just PART of a giftpack; find it at CandyMetal along with a vest and some Boho mesh jeans.

The exclusive release necklace hales from Mustang Trading Post.  You can find the Ula hair (many colors to choose from) at the HINAKO shop; look for a cute baggy overshirt as the gift from that designer.

CandyMetal has a big selection of long mesh skirts to peruse when the event opens midmonth.  Many have flower patterns; so pretty. I chose a plain one here to go with the top and my surroundings. And yes, this is yesterday's 50 Linden Friday release from Mudhoney. I love it!

Poses by: aDORKable


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