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Can We Talk?


Relationships. They are tricky things. I shy away from them these days, both in SL and RL. I have fond memories, don't get me wrong; but coupling is difficult enough when you can reach out and touch, harder when you truly don't know who is behind the facade.

I have a SL acquaintance who is getting married next month. I have a real life friend doing the same. I wish them both well. Happiness comes in many forms and however you find it, it is a good thing.

Whether you are single or half of a duo, this new Morning Light Cupboard bed from Trompe Loeil just out @ Fair is a beauty. Lots of fabric choices to coordinate with your existing decor, it comes in two versions, PG and A. With a land impact of 7 (hard to believe but true) you can have class even on a 512 lot. Add your own books and decor to the built in shelves and make it your own!

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