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There have been some things on my mind recently -- well mostly just one; and while it is late in my corner of the world, I have been on a creative high and sleep while welcome is not a high priority. So here I am with an extra post for the eve.

If you have been in SL any time at all, you recognize my locale, The Far Away. The about land tab says it has been here since 2008 and since I remember taking photos way back then, I have no doubt it is true. It hasn't changed too much. There is a rusty car I don't remember and some props that used to be here that have vanished over time.

Change is good. Stability is also.

The other day I went out for a photo shoot, clicking on landmarks in my "photo op" folder. So many were gone; some my very favorites. So it is good to know, that for awhile at least, The Far Away is still here. There are several people visiting along with me even though the hour is late for many of us. It is still photogenic here. Maybe not so far above the norm as it was four years ago, but still -- staying power.

My second, not so philosophical thought is to check out the Four Walls Hunt. The hunt organizer seems to have done a really great job, there are plenty of photos on the hunt blog and several shops that I will be visiting soon.

Poses by: Vista Animations


SpaceCase said…
Thanks for letting us know the Far Away is back/still around. :)

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