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Perfumed Cutlass


I went on my first MadPea Hunt last night. Why my first? Well I was under the impression they were hard. Some may have been, but the Perfumed Cutlass mini-hunt is simply fun. Buy a HUD for $10, follow the detailed and poetically written clues and find the skull doubloon (at least I am hoping that is what it is supposed to be) *wink*. You have to be VERY VERY close to the prize object to get the map piece to turn over, so while camming will find the skull, you will need to walk the walk to move onward. Your prizes all come at the end.

My personal favorite gifts are shown here. There are fifteen in all -- maybe sixteen as one vendor wasn't giving out the booty last night; I have notified the powers that be. This skin is from BRAT[inc]. The prize pack also includes some colorful tattoos and a mouthie. This jewelry set is from .:CoLLisions:.

Just in time for the October holidays, behold my very nicely rendered face tattoo from Fallen Gods.

My hair is a just out group gift from Truth where there are many many dots standing together presumably waiting to rez and get their copy from the subscribo. Happily mine made it to me without the trip! Sam is very cute and I am sure I will wear it often; most likely not in black :D.

Poses by: Behavior Body, Striking Poses (nla)


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