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Carn Evil

Want a fun if a bit strange adventure? Journey over to Carn' Evil where red is the color of choice. It isn't only the circus tents that boast the carnelian hue; there is a fair amount of blood on the ground.

It is opening weekend at the richly textured venue. Along with shops, there are carnival games where you can pick up props and prizes and have some fun in the doing. There are also gifts for the brave souls who venture into the encampment. Pick up a balloon, a flyer and a day pass at the entrance. Watch out for the bodies along the path. Tripping could be deadly here.

There is plenty to see and lots to do. Photo ops abound.

Grab this wet tee shirt at the dunk tank. Softballs and crushed cans are also available should you want to throw them at your friends. Keep an out out for some strange prizes (I'm not tellin') at other booths.

My hair is Cuchi from Vanity Hair, a new release which included hairbases as well as two versions -- one with color change streaks.

Top outfit by AD Creations (Circus)

Poses by: Everglow and LAP (nla)


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