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Settling In


I have put in lots and lots and LOTS of hours over at LEA20. The first sound stage is complete and ready for your perusal. If you drop by and take photos, you are welcome to add them to the brand new Flickr group here. There will be a little fame and possibly a tiny bit of fortune down the line.

This is only day five (she says counting on fingers) for me and while I don't actually have a "home" at LEA20, it definitely is beginning to feel comfortable. I still have almost a week before I have to vacate my apartment. Since I am NEVER there, it really doesn't matter much. I actually took up a lot of things already in order to install them on the sets :D.

Today's photos are about new releases from Sway's. The Natia set comes with wall art, display "bookcase", a pair of ohsocute candles and a stool with several nice poses.  The darling piggie bank will be one of many colors available (some without the band aid) in the Arcade Gatcha event that begins September 15th.

The piggie has a tip jar script with floating text. While I didn't need a tip jar (LOL) I loved the piggie so much I left him in the "shabby chic" set after checking with the powers that be as to the legality of that tipping thing. The floating text of course doesn't show up in photos so all is well :D. From the ad vendor it looks like you get both mended and regular piggies for your Gatcha try. If that isn't correct, I am sure I will hear and update this post. Non tip jar piggies will be released after the event.

You can get a sneak peak at the piggie on site at Sound Stage One (link above).

The plants in the corner are a summer release from Circa.

Pose by: furniture


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