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Finding FabFree Hunt 3 Plus FLF

I started working on my LEA sim yesterday. Lots of traffic already so I must have done my PR well *wink*. You can find the welcome and info area here at LEA20. There are places to explore down on the ground as well as an almost completed veryimpressiveifIsaysomyself high rise office / TV studio. Of course with one day in, I am not finished although a few of my real life friends expected me to be.  Photographers are welcome of course and when I have completed my work there will be tons of photo op spots for times when you just don't know where to shoot.

By request from my last LEA stint I have made a Flickr group for photos taken at MOSP (Machinima Open Studio Project). After the opening I will be posting one photo a week from the pool as the "MOSP Photo of the Week". Sorry, no dinero only fame. Down the road there may be some gift certificates if I happen to build anything you might want :D.

So today I have been working on Sound Stage One. A box from Pilot arrived, I opened it and saw a set of four nice maps. "Great," I thought. "Perfect for the office set." Then a bit later a group notice arrived (smart bloggers frequently join the groups of the folks they feature). Behold it is a Fifty Linden Friday release. Gotta be a timely blogger so I stopped what I was doing and put a map up on the wall. Happily it looks quite nice there.

These are mesh and include push pins inserted in the map. I just love how detailed we are getting. Those little touches make all the difference.

There are some great looking items this week on FLF, so take a gander. You can happily find the rundown here at Searphim.

Click on WEEKEND and the FLF links to get to the photos. Took me awhile to figure that out!

My building outfit includes some more items from the Finding FabFree Hunt. My skinny jeans are from Purple Moon. The set comes with a very nice mesh top, but with only one size and me with no breasts, it didn't fit.

My boots (unisex) are from Duh! on the same hunt.

Poses by: Nigotine (nla) and Vista Animations


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