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High Contrast

It might seem like I have deserted you, and indeed I have been busy. I have also been on several of the hunts that started mid month. Didn't see posts on those? Nope, ya didn't. Enough said.  So tonight I decided to journey once again into the fray and tackle The Autumn Effect. The good news is that there is a hunt blog with hints. Now not all of those hints made sense -- at least not to me and I admit to missing a few stops along they way and bypassing one stop after finding three decoys (sigh). Happily you can get to the next store from the links on the blog. I love that feature (note not all of the mid month hunts had it :D).

Shown here is a really cute mesh top from Sweet Intoxication. It is bright and fun and especially appropriate for me. The text along the bottom of the shirt reads " I run with scissors it makes me feel dangerous". And one of my more recent films (prize winning to boot) was entitled Running With Scissors. So this is a keeper for me. I added some black jeans and some cute little Melia flats from Prim a Donna Couture.

My hair is another new release from Amacci. Similar to one I showed you the other day, Eleni seems longer and maybe a bit messier? Anyway, I like it. Casual and girlie at the same time.

Honestly, these pants are way WAY too low for me. You're looking at the high side here *wink*. But they are nicely made and might be a perfect style for some of you. Find them on The Autumn Effect Hunt at Intrepid #13. There are pants for guys too.

Last up is a bra top from Plastik. It is part of a big prize pack that includes some bangles (no mod and no resize so not good for us bigger gals) and a lounging set.  This is really lovely with a satine finish.

Poses by: furniture, Diesel Works


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