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2012 Christmas Expo


The 2012 Christmas Expo, a RFL event, runs December 6th-19th, 2012. Now I was invited to be an official blogger but confusion came into play when I went to the website (perhaps in retrospect not the correct website *wink*) and assumed it was all about breedables. There are plenty of breedables to be sure and those of you who like to watch things grow will be pleased to see the variety of plants and animals and most likely some things that don't fit into either of those categories. There are also shops with clothes, hair, housewares and the list goes on and on.

Even though I was no longer official, I decided to pop in since I had a tag that would let me enter. Press is a curious bunch to belong to; we always WANT to know. And really, the best part of being press -- for me -- is getting into the venue before the lag begins.

When I arrived I was so pleasantly surprised. It is SO PRETTY!  If you are in the mood for winter, the holidays and Christmas -- you don't want to miss this. So, enchanted by the build I ventured into the shops to see what I could see. I picked up many lovely things and I will be showing you some in the near future, but right now I just want to give you a sneak peak at the locale.

A picturesque town awaits you. Lots of snow and icicles. The architecture is very stylish and the textures are rich. It is a great place to stroll and photo ops abound.

While you are exploring, be on the lookout for open Santa Sacks. Click on them (one in each shop as the promise goes) and get a gift or a lump of coal  -- or sometimes nothing. You can come back in a few minutes and try again. Lots of fun, much like a yummy cupcake with no silly animation necessary. There are also some gifts out on the counters of shops and of course new winter and holiday releases and Relay For Life donation items.

Here is the official website. I will be posting links to shops in upcoming features. It's going to be laggy. If you can contain yourself, wait until Friday!

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