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Presents -- we don't need to be a kid to love them. SL is filled with the gift giving spirit and that means Advent. There are lots of advent calendars out starting today. I won't be exploring them all, too many other things to keep me busy. But being a good blogger, I did some research and found lists for you. So go forth and have fun.

My super cute box with texture change presents and gift hugger pose is the "rare" item from aDORKable for the Acarde gatcha event for December.

OK. Lots of egg on my face. While I SEARCHED for advent sl 2012, the links below go to 2011 spots. Many will likely be doing the event again. Meanwhile I will do some more research and see what I can find. Feel free to post YOUR list if you have made one as a comment to this post.

Here are some advent lists to get you on your way:

Additional updates go here:

For the month of December, Mint Tulip is having an Advent Gift Event! 
FOUR stores, including  Exposeur, Alice Project, elymode, and Perception will EACH put out a different gift EVERY DAY from December 1st – December 25th!

You can see the Sway Gift of the Day on the website:

KittyCatS 2012 Advent - prizes remain up through January so you can pick up now or after Christmas.

Yasum Designs has a Holiday Market Advent Present place like last year. TP to the store. Look for the Advent calendar not too far from the landing point. TAKE THE TELEPORTER up to the snowy market and find the appropriate box and click. GROUP only. Free still as far as I know. Gift 1 and 2 are up today so these may stay up for the event.

Viviane's Fashion - info here.

Ah, and here is a 2012 list I found with lots mentioned:

I looked like there were group presents out at Tres Beau today but since I am not a group member I can't really tell you. If you are, check your notices!

Pose by: aDORKable


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