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Almost a New Year

A new year is on its way; that means new beginnings and champagne. I am not sure which I am most fond of. I will enjoy making a new directory on my computer. 2013 has a nice ring to it. I will also enjoy sipping some "captured bubbles" as the calendar turns.

If you plan a party or even just an intimate get together, I have a great prop for you. See all those champagne glasses on the table? There are 18 of them. Are you ready for the drumroll?  They weigh in at .5 land impact. That means that you can take two sets of them (36 in all), link them and STILL have only one "prim" :D. Woot! 

Those of you that are old enough remember when wine glasses were 3 - 4 prims each depending on their liquid contents. I recall a building class long ago when we made fancy bar drink props. They were 11 - 13 prims each and they so didn't look this good. So here's to a new year and to progress! 

You can find the retail version of these glasses at a very low price at Mesh Depot.  A single unscripted (but mod) glass is also available. There are three styles to choose from. OR, if you want to design your own and give them out to friends, there is a full perm version on the Marketplace. Either way, I am very impressed. 36 for 1. My, my we have come a long ways.

My party dress is a new release from AD Creations called Ephemeros. The pretty table is from Trompe Loeil and my hair and old gift from Dura.

Ah, I forgot to mention that New Years Eve is also my rez day. An old lady of FIVE will greet 2013. And "no", as some friends suggested I was not bored that evening. I was actually born in the morning. Beyond that I don't remember much. I may have spent my first day in SL hanging out at Calla sitting for hair. Happily I had some friends that knew the ropes so aside from learning how to walk, it was fairly easy. My first skin was one of the Eloh Eliot ones. So many memories.

Have a great New Year!  I may see ya again before then or not.

Pose by: aDORKable


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