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POE - The Hunt

I did a little hunting on the Peace On Earth trail today. I hadn't really planned to do the whole hunt and whether that will happen or not is still unknown. But the mesh uploader was down for me (a long and boring story) so I needed something to do. I was going to stop by my favorite shops but that proved to be a bit tricky so I decided to pick a section and and follow the breadcrumbs and the hints.  If you venture out on this hunt you will want to bookmark that page as there are some places that you just can't get to, and some landmarks that send you backwards rather than further along the numerical path (who knows?). A couple of good looking prospects didn't have their globes ready for sale yet so hopefully I will remember who they were and return.

Of my brief number of stops, these are my favorites. A very pretty if not so much me formal (OK I admit I am a casual gal but I do like the retro-esce fur on this beauty) is from Angel Dessous. My skin is one of a huge pack from Rockberry. Rockberry skins have never fit me all that well but I definitely appreciate the great prizes the shop has offered over the MANY years. I think they were here when I arrived and that is quite awhile ago now.

The very pretty classic chair suitable for many decor settings including Victorian hales from Senzafine, a far ways down the list.  I am not sure how I came to find it this morning. I may have seen a photo of the prize and headed over there out of order.

Again, not all stores were ready this morning but they will likely be soon. Be sure and bookmark the hints and SLURL lists as you can get lost easily on this one.

My pose is Day 1's gift from aDORKable, mentioned in the previous post.


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