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Falling Stars and Other End of the World Stuff

It's coming up on the shortest day of the year. This is good; it means that I can start waking up to lighter skies and save on that light bulb electricity. But this year as the change of seasons roles around, there is a calendar to watch. It reads 2012 and you know what THAT means -- why the End of the World of course.

I used to live an an area that was on the cusp of Survivalists country. My town was definitely more metaphysical than get out the guns, but the impending date was talked about often even though it was many years away. So time flows; here we are -- December 2012.

I am in with the positive thinkers on this. There are many things our world and leaders could rethink in my humble opinion. Starting over at least in spirit could be a good thing. Whatever your thoughts on the date or even if you don't HAVE any beliefs about the possible upcoming changes, you'll want to venture over to the End of the World Fair opening the 15th.

The offerings are definitely varied with some of the vendors really getting into the mood and following the theme :D.

Shown here are two of my personal favorites (don't worry there are more coming), the telescope with three poses -- one a star gazing animation -- from End of Daze Designs (main store); the shooting stars as part of a fantastic particle effect generator. The cosmic display comes with a menu of choices including Armageddon which I haven't tried yet. I am more of a meteor shower gal.  The two prim wonder hales from Fotoscope (main store).

My corduroy trench coat complete with leather trim is from Kaithleen's (main store); leggings from SD Wear (main store).

This cute mitten earrings set is brought to you by IMaGE Factory (main store). A necklace and lip piercing are also available.

Along with regular merchandise and some newly made items for the fair (it seems so anyway) there will be specially priced offerings from the merchants. So mark your calendar for the 15th.

Poses by: the telescope.


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