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What's in the News?


What's in the news? Plenty!

First up a little freebie fashion. You can pick up this very cute poncho as a gift from "DEW" at the Winter Market. One size fits all in the unrigged mesh topper.  My sweater and jeans are from PARADISIS (sorry, map wont load the LM) and my boots another color of the new release from Serina Lacava.

Now you have likely seen this terrifically cute house (OK, I'll call it adorable since it is.) from Trompe Loeil for COLLABOR88. It comes in four muted tones; I picked the pink version. It is cosy and homey and perfect for a single gal or a couple who doesn't need that 3,000 square foot mansion (I honestly don't get that). Beautifully detailed it comes with optional trees and snowy entrance.

Now the vendor tells me that the complete setting with lovely trees fits on 26 x 26 -- so that means a 1024 lot. But, being a gal who often lives in 512dom, I did a little test and the house itself fits nicely on 16 meters. You could even move the trees in front of the house on a typical 32 x 16 lot. So all good for everyone.

There have been plenty of posts on the OUTSIDE of this house, but I am guessing you'd like to see the interior too. So here it is. A pretty fireplace lots of smallish window with texture change panes (frosty and clear) and stucco walls make this a very comfortable winter abode. See all the details here.

Other COLLABOR88 releases include this Corduroy Loveseat in a variety of colors along with a matching club chair. Change the blanket and pillow colors via a menu. The book stack and phone hale from Black Tulip at the Christmas Expo. I have something really fun from that shop to show you tomorrow.

Last up but certainly not least is this new Bistro Table from Dutchies. Choose your number of diners (alas I am alone this eve) and what you want to partake of. Really fun and new is the SEQUENTIAL choice which serves you courses as times goes on. Wine, dinner and I am now having espresso. Chocolates comes next *wink*. Loads of fun for a group get together and nice even to treat yourself if you are on your own. The table when not in use weighs in at 7 prims.

From the notecard: "The table serves 1, 2, 3 or 4 people, either a la carte or in 4 long looped sequences, with 45 different animations, 40 rezzer scenes and 6 props. You will never play the same animation as one of your guests.

Dinner for 2 ends with holding hands, dinner for 1, 3 or 4 end slightly drunk. "

If you are a social person, this is definitely for you. You'll need 30 prims to rez things for four folks. Not bad at all.

Poses by: furniture, Vista Animations, aDORKable


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