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Those Little Details

It about time for me to get into a festive mood. How about you?  Three very festive items make up this post. One free, one free with purchase *wink*.

Fashionwise and free is this sweater with built in tank (mesh of course) from Boho Hobo. Wonderfully colorful and cheery it resonates the spirit of the shop; definitely a fun place. This great gift is yours by finding the globe on the POE hunt. Now to be honest I gave up hunting for a bit. Too many other things on my plate, lots of hunts where I never found anything I wanted to show you let alone keep. BUT, I saw this sweater mentioned, deservidly, in a couple of blog posts and knew it was "me". I suspect this will be my favorite prize of that hunt. I've been wearing it a couple of days now.

An added incentive for shopping at Boho Hobo -- besides the color and cuteness of course -- is knowing that your lindens are going to help others. From the notecard: " All proceeds from BoHo HoBo and Meena go to RAWA to fund orphanages, clinics, schools and income generating projects for war refugees in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Sim Tier is paid by an anonymous donor."

Next up is this very impressive and outstandingly creative antler Christmas tree. The candles are simply gorgeous (I should have taken a close up) and the flames glow beautifully. It weighs in at 14 land impact. And it's from ---- Cheeky Pea!

Now, looking at the vendor photo I see that I missed something the other night when taking these pictures; the candles have a texture menu with six choices. Well that will give me something to play with later. The tree is happily ensconced in the window nook of my Northern New Mexico winter home.

And here is the big surprise. Well maybe not to everyone, but to me. This is the new (or maybe just one style of new, who knows) Cheeky Pea package. Now I have been saving and using Cheeky Pea boxes for many years. I love the I-just-unpacked-and-I-will-get-around-to-life-when-I-can look. But I was absolutely blown away by this new box (honestly, maybe even more than the tree LOL). So consider this a bonus when you buy a product these days. I ran into another gal who agreed and had her flower box out proudly in her home.

Not only is it lovely, it is land impact thrifty at a mere 3. For anyone working in mesh, this is a big deal. Isla Gealach has discovered a secret and while I would of course like to KNOW, I am content just to bask in her halo of lowprimness and appreciate what CAN be done.

And that's my report for today. Hoping it has been a bright and cheery one for all of you.

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