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Into The Future

A year and a half ago I made some predictions about mesh. Unbelievably, the search feature on my blog found the post for me. Surprising as that widget stopped working well (shall we just call it being "selective"?) after a thousand posts. Who can blame it?

Anyway, as we move into a new year I was thinking about the future -- our virtual one and what it might hold. I haven't reread my precognitive musings in their totality but I do remember that I had a few things right. I did miss two big points. One, the advent of prim breasts (I so don't care and that might have left me unaware of the "need").

The other is definitely more important and something I am basing my NEW predictions on -- the thriftiness of mesh in the land impact equation.

I have the opportunity to view some exceptionally well made mesh up close and personal. I am very grateful. If you read this blog often you have seen mention of the fantastic "prim" savings that can be accomplished by designing -- well let's call it "smart mesh". I am often in awe and definitely thankful for the designers who have worked hard to give us thrifty options.

I just finished a casita today (a tiny New Mexico pueblo style house). It took me eight days of work and many hours logged into the Aditi grid. I learned a ton and I am very pleased with my almost finished product. I made it for myself as I often do, looking back at places I love and forward to the time when I will no longer have a full sim. I do well on a 512; I am adaptable.

My finished house will be weighing in at about 17. That includes numerous small details like hinges and window hardware, about a hundred "sticks" in the walls that surround the patio and a door that took me eight hours (well most of a day anyway) to build. The good thing, aside from the knowledge gained is that this same build would have been about 150 prims in the old days. And of course it would never have looked so good. THAT'S what I didn't understand about the advent of mesh.

So my prediction for the coming year is that mesh will become even more popular as more designers learn how to make "smart mesh" and more consumers see how it can expand their land impact budgets. I am so looking forward to seeing what can be made.

Now what on earth does all this have to do with the photo up top? Well not much really, but I do hate posts with no pretty pictures. And, along with my rousing applause for mesh, I want to say that I still believe there is a place and a market for nicely designed texture clothes. There are some things mesh does well and some things  -- not so much. So I won't be throwing out my system clothes any times soon. There are many I am very fond of.

Lady Vane from deviousMind comes in a huge variety of colors. I also noted that Lola appliers are now included -- well of course they are! 

I like this shot. It has that Vogue on the Sahara look - LOL.  This is a perfect Mardi Gras outfit!  Think ahead girls. The mask is to die for!

Wishing you a spectacular new year!

Pose by: Diesel Works


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