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Winter Wonderland

OK. This is the second time in not all that many days that Blogger has done a roll-back on my blog and most likely lots of others. I am not happy and I am way too tired to redo the whole post, so sorry. Aside from my entry paragraph it was all gone. So I am going to put in the photos again and the links. That's all I am up for. It was a LONG post and I hope some of you saw it before it disappeared. 

I've been working hard of late, learning and such. But I gave myself a reprieve this afternoon and ventured over to a small holiday bizarre where Cheeky Pea has a super cute prop out for ya.  I was so impressed with the snowy landscape I took a walk and grabbed some photos. This LOOKS like a photograph and some fancy Photoshop work but in actually it is a raw shot. You just never know.

Necklace from KOSH for Together for Sway.
Glasses from AZOURY on the upcoming New for 2013 hunt.

SLC Mesh Casual Outfit (gray). Many other colors available.

Darling little chocolate sales cart that started the whole adventure from Cheeky Pea at the Christmas Event at Pure Dreams.

Poses by: Diesel Works and the stool.


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