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Between Taupe and Gray

Between taupe and gray there is a special color. I'm not really sure what to name it. Chameleon-like it wanders between warm and cool tones dependent on the light -- and in our cases, the Windlight settings.  I am a big fan of this unnamed tone. This post is in its honor.

New releases and a hunt prize mix with old favorites in this minimalist shoot.

The Aksal Skybox Extended - Snowy is from Cheeky Pea. If you missed it at the last SUYS event (sad to see that go) I am hoping it is still at the store. Too many great things to show you and the chocolate cart won this weekend *wink*. This is a calm place. Quiet and introspective it asks for us to stop for a moment and relax. For many of us that would be a well heeded request.

My scarf and leg warmers which do indeed turn to taupe in warmer lighting are a prize from .::IRON CLAW::. on the upcoming New in 2013 Hunt which starts at MIDNIGHT!  There are some great looking prizes on that hunt and I am hoping to take it in between work times.

I am very fond of this new hair out from MINA. Slightly messy updos often fit my mood. I was also pleased to see a big list of grays in the color change hud (several huds are available with different "packs" in each). Whether a new addition or something I simply missed before, I chose a medium gray for today. Look for Babette starting the 21st at the DECK. A My Attic release means savings for you and we like that!

Poses by: Diesel Works


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