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That View Thing

Barnesworth Anubis has a new skybox out at COLLABOR88. If you were one of the first to visit the venue on the 8th through 12th, you missed it as it hadn't arrived. I suggest you return and take a look!

The star of the show is the view. Now if you read between the lines of my architectural posts you have probably figured out that I am not fond of photographic backdrops for skyboxes; there is something about mixing the real world and the virtual world that often doesn't set well for me. So I was thrilled and totally impressed to see a "real" virtual landscape outside the snowy windowpanes. There is even falling snow.

Lots of nice details add to the ambiance of the interior.  People sized bricks (something we rarely see  for whatever reason) and a slatted ceiling count as two.  Fashionwise, I am wearing a jacket from Nya'S Shop (main store) exclusively for the End of the World Fair (15th). The texturing is very nice and has a realistic leather look. Standard sizing runs true.  My boots are oldies but goodies from RedMint and my sweater and jeans hale from PARADISIS.

The skybox comes with a kitchen but there is also a basic version if you have a small lot and are watching your prims. The physics work well -- something as a consumer you rarely notice unless they are not *wink*, but one of the more difficult of mesh tasks to accomplish.

With a large inventory from a group of extremely talented designers, I can get a little jaded. It would be difficult not to become so. But now and then sometime tickles my fancy and this time it is a plate of avocados from Kaerri (main store) available at the End of the World Fair. Nicely done, they make me smile and look quite at home in the minimalist modern kitchen.

I am bookending this post back at the view. Here it is. Honestly, even if you don't need a new house (or perhaps already have your winter home), this makes a terrific background photo prop for the cold season. I am leaving it out at MOSP and will surely be taking some photos there as winter progresses.

The backdrop (no back to save land impact) and trees weigh in at 24.

Poses by: aDORKable and BehaviorBody


barnesworth said…
hey! thanks for the post! I was really excited to do a 3d view and have wanted to for awhile - mesh really opens up some possibilities for it with its efficency in prims. its still a little higher LI than I had hopped (the apartment is only 25 LI itself) but i really wanted a nice view with some depth for that big window!

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