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If you've been around long enough you may remember that I produced some cameras awhile back. They were very popular. I haven't sold any lately; I am not surprised. The 2009 rezzable prop with tripod weighs in at 44 prims. I mean REALLY!

So as my mesh making skills improved it was obvious that these products needed a makeover. I spent  several day designing both hand held and tripod versions; I feel both smarter and accomplished. I am also very pleased with the final land impact count - 1. Yep, ONE for both camera and tripod (linked objects).

During the redesign process I decided it would be a good idea to have the cameras work as wearable attachments that called the poses. While not all that difficult to do, it was something I never got around to learning. Much more usable, I just put them up at my shop (see them up close and personal there) and on the Marketplace.

Now this actually is an ad of sorts, something I rarely do -- but it is also a bit of philosophy. Every once in awhile I get some very nice items from designers that are just too damn primmy. I don't post them because of that. We all need to move forward. If that means taking a month to learn a new (very hard) software program, then it does. If it means changing our design strategies? That too.

There are plenty of items used and still being sold in world that hale from my first days out of the pod. I sometimes cringe when I run into them. Honestly -- red and blue pose balls on furniture?  Time to take some steps into the present.

As I was taking vendor photos I noted how quickly I had embraced the new photo tools in the current Firestorm viewer. In some ways it is a bit like going BACK; I seem to remember sliders a year or so ago before those very large and difficult to love Windlight panels appeared. So sometimes the future and the past can come together in a wonderful middle ground.

Meetcha there.

Poses by: the camera (PhotoGraphique of long ago)


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