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I posted this last night and Blogger seems to have done a reset of the database, so apologies to the feeds if this appears twice. At least I got MOST of my post back.  Had to rewrite some of it so my prose may not be quite as poetic the second time around :D.

Milestones -- they sneak up on us sometimes while we are simply living our lives.

When I reached post number 2000 I could hardly imagine reaching the next thousand posts. I am not there yet, but that next big "0" number is only 200 posts away -- so "Springtime". I certainly didn't plan to make blogging a virtual career when I started. I am a fickle gal, both real and virtual, and I seldom stick with an activity for a long time. Too many brands of newness await beyond the next corner. Still, I am here. So I must want to be :D.

I saw a post yesterday from a blogger who had reached 100. She had presented a very pretty post for her personal milestone and I congratulated her. She might make it to 3000 too. We just never know.

My landmark photo could have been more dramatic, but honestly the important things in life seldom are. The small events often hold the most memories.

Feeling nostalgic, I looked back in time. My dress is the "With Love" prize from BAIASTICE, one of the "big name" designers who sent me goodies so very long ago. I was so very thrilled. Here is that original post, May 2009. My shoes came later; I wear them often. Thinking back to my early days and raiding my often culled closet, I donned one of my favorite hairs from that time, Fastball Eclipse from Exile.

My earrings are "Lick Me" from Ticky Tacky, a shop that filled many of our virtual jewelry baskets during those early year.

Early poses were almost always from LAP (Long Awkward Pose) and this one is from the first "review pack" sent to me from Dove. 

Where to take this photo? Well the sight of my very first post for this blog of course. Samara Studios is no longer with us, but happily Dutch Touch (now on its own sim) is. It's good to know that some things are fairly permanent in our transitory and virtual world.

Pose by: LAP (nla)


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