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Last Minute Shopping

We might as well be stylish and in theme for the season. So shopping, design -- and in some cases hunting -- is the focus of this post. 

First up, cute new hair from eXxEsS, RAVENNA in this case the cinnamon tone. This looks great from all angles (something as photographers we appreciate). I have to say I am really liking these new styles!

My shopping attire comes from Prim & Pixel Holiday sim on the POE hunt. Last year I got over there and won a weekly photo contest. This year there were too many things tugging at my strings. I did, however take the time to go look for this hunt outfit after I saw the prize photo (well, yeah). It comes with its own boots, a decorated cowboy hat, the sweater, scarf and leggings. AND the Christmas shopping bag (so cute). You still have time to pick this up and carry that bag into your holiday present give away.

Now the traveler's trunk in the background isn't a hunt prize (don't you wish). It was a present from Barnesworth Annubis.  I love the trunk and that got me thinking about art and creation.

There aren't all that many designers that stand out as being different. I'm not talking about good craftsmanship, we are very lucky to have so many talented folks that have taken the time to learn about mesh which I am guessing is a very big part of our virtual future. I am speaking of style.

When I was in the fine art game (real life scenario) we were encouraged (well THAT'S putting it lightly) to have our work be so individualized that anyone could pick out a painting as ours. That "in the style of Picasso" thing. BA excels at that artistic edict. There is a look that puts his work in its own genre. I think we as designers should celebrate difference. I for one applaud.

And here is my color coordinated boots shot *wink*. These great winter shoes come from the hunt I mentioned yesterday. Find them at h.m.a.e.m, here.  I spotted these in other colors as I was looking for that star; just sayin'.

Poses by: Diesel Works, the shopping bag


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