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Moving On

I am packing up at Arkham this evening. My rent is paid for another day, but when it is time -- it is time. I am saddened as I liked it here very much. But, after almost two months I am still here by myself. No one's fault really. Times are tough. I get notes from retailers all the time that contain places to rent within their group posts.

People will leave; new people will replace them and life will go on just as it does in our more corporeal world. It is sad to think of all the sims that are no more. Some are gone forever and some are rising again including the Rezzable creations now on OpenSim.

I am wearing a mourning dress from edge grafica. I found it on Xstreet a couple of days ago for free. It seems fitting. I think I am going back to the Hope skins from Tuli. While Bella is lovely, it is a bit too photographic for me. I like a softer look. I'm sure I'll visit Bella from time to time depending on the theme, but Hope and I are better friends. My hat came with the mourning dress and my shoes are from ~Ztique~, the Caledonian Primp shoe to be exact. Ztique it seems has now moved to Reasonable Desires from the oh so quaint French sim where I first found it.

I counted up the places I have lived and the shops that I have had  in the last year or so and the number was nineteen. It seems like I am always moving on :D.

Changes. We embrace them if we can, but there is often sadness.


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