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Skins for Guys - Woot!

Just a quickie for the fellows. We all know how tough it is for guys in the skins category. Well thanks to a post by Tarsis, I was able to alert a friend about a free skin for guys at the skin fair. An oldtimer in need of a makeover, this was a great improvement!  I don't care how premium your skin was, if it is three years old  -- it is OUTDATED!

These skins come in four skin tones (one very light and one very dark) as well as hair options for both body and head. Pretty fancy for a dollarbie.  Find them in the IMAGEN shop at the Vanity Universe Skin Fair. Look for a gift box. The blue ribboned one is for you fellows.

Since I had him in my camera sights, I took another picture featuring some Make Him Over Hunt items. His outfit is from ~SImply~ and consists of the After Hours Casual Mens Pants in black and  the After Hours Henley Purple Grey. These are two of his favorites. His glasses and cigarette are from Kumaki Glasses Style. His hair is from Bryce Designs.


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