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Miamai Hunt

There is a hunt going on at Miamai this weekend. While there were lots of people there last night, I didn't see any posts on it this morning, so I'm taking a quick work break to give you the skinny and show you some of my favorites.

You are looking for twenty tiny gray gift boxes with bows. I found them ALL!  Yes, can you imagine?  The boxes are tiny and they do blend in with the concrete and such, but they are not hidden. All are on the ground in plain site. You will need to be close to see some of them and others, not so much.  There are some boxers, cargos and eyes for guys, but the rest of the gifts are for females.

Above are some of my favorites. There is a nice lingerie set with some very different detailing, a dramatic tattoo that I just know will come in handy sometime in the future, a skin (one tone as shown only), and some cyber eyes. Everything but my hair (Tiny Bird) and nail polish (AnnaH) is from the hunt. The chaise is from Diesel Works (review copy).

There are some great lace gloves, a nice system skirt with a very different belt (yeah) and some super skimpy shorts too. So go forth and have some fun, but hurry -- the hunt is over sometime on the 16th.


Anonymous said…
Lol 2 days ago it was on almost every blog :P
Ty anyway :)

Chic Aeon said…
Well I certainly missed them. I did a search on Google and came up with my post here, and the Miamai store blog. So I guess it doesn't hurt to have more press that gets in the search engines :D

Fun anyway and that ain't bad!

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