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You know when you spend so much time looking for something and you can't find it? And then, somehow it miraculously appears?

I took the weekend off more or less. You may or may not have noticed :D.  But I did log in this late afternoon to work on my inventory. Too many lovely home and garden items I couldn't find. It was time. When I journeyed out to my favorite sandbox I found a fantastic build of Stonehenge plopped in the middle of the sandy sim.

To say it was impressive was an understatement. I cranked up my Windlight settings to foggy, blocking out the almost overwhelming Sunday clutter of houses, planes and spaceships and took this photo.

Luckily Emerald had fixed the pesky "inspect" issue and I could check to see who built this impressive monument. Sooden Ren was the name and a quick look at Picks gave me the shop SLURL. I'd actually been there the week before on some hunt. That, I do remember. I found the vendor for Stonehenge and although I have no space for it, I thought it was reasonably priced -- always a plus in my book.

I did a bit more searching, hoping to find the build listed in a setting other than the sandbox. Luckily, I ended up in Mogwa at The Muse Stonehenge.

I found myself in a grassy area amidst the tall stone (top photo). It was powerful, magical and peaceful. If you venture over to the vendor not far from the site, you can buy either the full sized Stonehenge or a mini version. If you need a bit of positive energy in your life or on your sim, this just may be the ticket.

And so I found Stonehenge, a place I had looked for over the past year and never quite connected with. Sometimes, the stars are just in the right spot. The moon shine between the monolithic pillars and we find what we have been searching for.

As a side note, Blogger has a new interface with some added choices. One is a larger photo, and eventually we will (in theory) have a "read more" cut that works. I'll be experimenting with different layouts over the next few days.

Please feel free to give me your input on the size of photos that work for you. I am on a 1680 resolution and a speedy DSL. I know that some of you may have slowish connections (hence large photos can be problematic) and some may be running at 1024 making the new, larger photos seem overpowering. All photos will STILL link to very large, high rez versions. That will not change. I'm just trying to find the best mix of the options available.

This post includes a lead photo at the new largest size as well as medium photos for the remainder of the document.

Go forth. Add some magick to your lives. The Druids would be happy.

PS. There is NO spell check in this new interface. How CAN that be? Version 1.2 please! Yikes! We may be back to the old style for awhile. We'll see.

Fashion notes as well as close ups of my outfit can be found HERE.


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