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But The Fire Is So Delightful

When the weather outside is snowy and cold, there is nothing as comforting as a nice cozy fire. It helps if you have someone to cuddle with and it is especially nice if you can have it all for free. And you can. This lovely set shown here is from Tryst and part of the Down the Chimney Hunt which starts the 6th.

The set includes both cuddle and massage menus. And now that I'm thinking about it, I could have had a MASSAGE for this shoot. Well maybe not, as my new RunoRuno Sweater -- also a DTCH gift  previously blogged -- might be a bit too bulky :D. I SURE like it though. Maybe another time.

A great bonus is that this set comes in parts. The fireplace, the cuddle rug with animation balls and menu, the sculpty candles and the planter. All are low prim so they will fit in most anyone's budget, and you can use what you need from the set.

This is a transfer gift. So if you find it and are homeless, you can play Santa to a grateful friend.

I took this photo purposefully in natural default lighting so you could see the effect of the fire and the candles. Pretty, eh?

And now I'm gonna play with that menu and see if I can't get a massage out of the deal. Most likely, I'll end up giving. The price you have to pay for willing models these days -- really! *wink*


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