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Happily Homeless

I am guessing that by now you may have seen this great homeless abode from [AVOID], but you are seeing it again because it is SO CUTE!  Here's the story. Click any photo for a large, high resolution version.

A friend of mine is selling her 512 lot. Since she wasn't using it, she let me create an environment which was lots of fun. I decided on a happily homeless shelter using some of the great group gifts that have come out lately. In fact aside from the trees and the truck (Xstreet freebie previously blogged), everything you see is from group gifts.The hopscotch play area including three poseballs arrived from  ~*Pulling Strings*~ . The cardboard house complete with lots of poses was from [AVOID] at Glitterati. The Despite and Still urban mini garden was from Pocket Gardens Flowers SOM (previously blogged). The sculpty pallettes, garbage and other alley props came from Parajen Homes a couple of months ago.  Ya just never know when you might need a grungy garbage can. If something is well made, I KEEP it :D.

My outfits are new releases from E! Eclectic. There are tons of new items in the store including some of a more feminine nature. I was definitely in a tomboy mood and so you get to see a couple of my favorites of the day.

At the top of my personal list is this mechanic shirt. So cute and sexy, it comes with in both clean and subtly dirty versions. This is the dirty variety as I am a hard working gal!  The shorts are also from E! and have an extremely nicely done built in waistband. I added a belt for effect, but I can assure you it wasn't "needed" if you get my drift :D.

The shirt back has the word "Mechanic" printed in a well washed way and there is a nice little scuplty bow for the front. The cuffs are manual mod for easy resizing.

The top outfit, shown again here is unisex. I really like the shading on this top. Like most everything at E! it comes in tons of layers and can be tucked in. This would look really hot on your significant other -- whatever sex they might be. Tops and pants all come in a large variety of colors as well as fat packs. So mixing and matching is simple and fun.

Style Notes:

Hair: >TRUTH< Spencer (old)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (sunkissed/br) Sophia (PU1), Legend Tattoo2 (NLA)

Clothing: Top photo:  E! Eclectic Frankie Pants (Grey), Marcus Top (Olive) (review copies). Style 2: Mechanic's Shirt (Purple), Nadene Shorts (Olive) (review copies), CONCRETE FLOWERS- Simple Leggins, KOSH- PATCHOULY BELT

Shoes: edge grafica 31-Engineer Boots (Xstreet dollarbie or shop - see a few posts back)
Accessories: F*S (Freestyle) Schmoking Cigarette, [LP] (Lazy Places) Leg Bandana Lazy Kittehs, Ephemeral Gemstone Stud Earring (silver/jet),  Dissident Rock Bandanna - Black


EE said…
Oh, have fallen on hard times. Sorry to hear about that. Your wheels look a bit worn out but your new cardboard living quarters look comfy, at least until the first rains come.

Isn't it hard doing hopscotch in those very cool boots?

Hope you found a soup kitchen for a meal on Thanksgiving day.

Unknown said…
oh I love your house and surrounds. Great job at creating a super space on a budget. Goes to show creativity doesn't cost :-)

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