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This and That

I'm still really busy today on many fronts, but here are a few don't miss it things you might want to know about.

Aisling of Ashes To Ashes did a great job of showing us some of the 50 Linden Friday goodies. I'm heading over to see see how I look in that Tiny Bird hair *wink*. There are so many cute things this week, you don't want to miss them. SO many!

ho wear has changed to 25 Linden items instead of free in response to overcrowding and complaints. I'm sure I'll still be showing you outfits from time to time. My preferences are for the costumes rather than daywear though, so join the group if you want to see the special of the day.

The good news is that you should be able to get into the sim without waiting all day -- a plus for many folks.

$25 and being able to TP in? That works too.

If you are a fashion blogger and not part of the fashion bloggers group, you might want to contact one of the owners of the group for an invite. See my inworld profile for names. Things are happening and opportunities are in the wind.

We have a week of semi calm before hunts start again. Along with the 365 stop Peace On Earth Hunt 2 which I will try to give you a taste of, there is a new hunt coming from the Stepping Stones Hunt group. Yeah! I'm guessing we don't want to miss that one. December 6th is the day. So mark your calenders and save up some energy. Down the Chimney blog will be here.

Now I'm off for photos and building and such, but I'll be back with a new places soon. I've found a few new spots in my wanderings and of course I want to share them with you.  Meanwhile here's a picture of some of my guy friends, mostly because I really like seeing photos within a post, but also to let you know that Belleza gave out new male skins in the group last week. The bookend fellows on both right and left are wearing the new updated Ewan skin which comes in a variety of skin tones. The dark colors seem to work much better than the light :D. Wonder (middle) is in Belleza skin also, but not a free one. Go forth, explore, shop, and have a great day.


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