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Let's Work Together

It has been a good day in my world. I spent many hours out on my favorite sandbox working on gifts for the Peace On Earth Hunt starting next month. The list of accepted shops is long and full of names I recognize. The organizers seem to be very clear on what they expect, and I hope it will be a great hunt.

I wrote some comments on community as October moved into November and there are some things in the works for bloggers that may foster that. You may know this already and if you don't, you hopefully will soon. Even if nothing comes of the ideas floating around, I have something I feel I need to say.

We are all in this together.

I get some IMs from time to time and notes on the blog thanking me for linking to other blog sites. I admit that  I fell into competition mode a few months ago. Eventually I figured out that the cost was not worth the rewards and I am SO much happier now that I have left the quest for reaching the top behind me. So, I will continue to link to other blog posts I think are relevant, great or simply already showed what I don't need to repeat. I understand that we each have our own journey, but I can honestly tell you that giving up the rat race has turned into the ultimate pleasure -- for me at least.

I no longer log in to peruse things to blog. I no longer feel the pressure to blog items I may not love. I no longer need to be FIRST -- LOL. I'm guessing many of you know those feelings. We wrap ourselves up in a competition that doesn't really need to be there. If we all do our own thing and show our own style, we end up complimenting each other rather than trying to move ahead in some race that we, ourselves, invented.

In striving towards a better blogging community I would like to make a suggestion to the content creators. Why not choose the bloggers that you feel are most your style and send your review items to them? If they don't love your new designs, then send out to your "next favorite" choices. That way the feeds are not overwhelmed with the same outfit in a few days time. It is really better for all of us that way. Your items get showcased and don't appear to be sent out to the masses, and we can feel that we are doing our bit to show off something new.

I can't imagine any blogger is happy about being the tenth person to show an outfit. And if that means I get left out? Hey, that's the way it goes. Honestly? I would rather you, the designers, give some of the new kids on the block a chance. You can't imagine how thrilling it is to get your first review copies, your first prerelease items, your first SOLO release.

So in the spirit of making an even better blogging community, I would like to suggest that we work TOGETHER towards that end. I think we will find that it benefits us all.


Tarsis Gausman said…
I am not in the rush.. I am blogging on my way! "Let's work togheter"...

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