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On The Road

Give me those good old days!  On the road, camping by the side of it -- laundry by hand and an old pickup truck that always got us where we needed to go.  I never had a guitar this fancy in real life and while I wrote some good songs, I never played all that well. Still it was great fun to relive a few old times.

The OD> Pagan Fire guitar hales from OD Designs Gallery  and while it looks like it costs a small fortune (and should), it is FREE. OMG-FREE! Not only that, it comes with tons of fun animations. I was patiently going through my poses trying to find one to show off the guitar when I accidentally touched the guitar. Voila, a menu! I guess I never dreamed it came with animations too. /me shakes head in wonder.  

Edit: the guitar appears to be gone now from Xstreet, but you can find it in the shop here on a SMALL vendor. This from someone who went and found it :D.

Like quite a few folks I've been perusing the Xstreet freebies before many of them go into the ether. While it is extremely difficult to find what you are looking for on Xstreet these days, it is easy enough to browse the freebies. Just to to advanced search and type in a general search term like boots and set the price from 0 to 1 with ascending. I wasn't looking for a guitar of course. I have no idea what I was searching for when I found it. It could have been the FREE .: Rusty Industries :. PickUp NO.1 in the background. So cool and it actually drives. This particular truck is an update of an Arcadia Asylum body with new sculpties and functionality. The textures are lovely and it makes a great photo prop.

My 31-Engineer Boots from were also an Xstreet find; a dollarbie. The main shop for Edge Graphica holds lots of wonderful bargains, so check it out. These boots are sized for guys and are mod. You cannot mod the tops down without a lot of prim manipulation, but I think they look fine for gals with the foot small and the top larger. I added the sock tops to the boots. The sock tops are actually some legging bottoms that were mod. Since the boots were mod also I could connect them and they are ready to be worn together another time. That works.

Style notes:

Hair: Alli&Ali "Rock Out" Hair Auburn
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (sunkissed/br) Elysium
Clothes: *Sari's* Seasons Turning Tunic, ::Duh!:: Black Knit Tights
Shoes: edge grafica / 31 Engineer Boots

Shoe pose by Olela Parx


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