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Stormy seas --

I reach a gloomy shore

Where shadows hide intentions most foul

And creatures of the night compete for my soul

My only safety  within the walls of strangers

Style Notes:
Hair: HOH Allie - burgundy
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (sunkissed/br) Elysium
Clothing: Grim Bros. miss vergnuegen
Accessories: (*2aT) STEAMPuNK HerOes ~ "Lady-Industrial Top

Download my Windlight settings for this locale HERE.


I felt like being adventurous today and so I determined that SEARCH would lead me to my photo op of the morn. Luckily, it worked well. Legacies 1891 RP Beyond Darkness was the top listing under Victorian this morning. I had been to Legacies many months ago, back before I had made my own, red lettered generic OOC-Visitor tag. I was a little worried on my first trip. Now I entered with aplomb.

The SLURL link above takes you to the info hub where there is a friendly greeter to answer questions, a map with TP points and even some free Victorian outfits. I have given up on role play for the time being, but I definitely enjoy the sims. So much to explore and so many photo ops. I barely touched the surface.

My dress is from yesterday's Grim Bros. MM board and it is lovely. For those of you thinking about color theory, the outfit above would be an analogous color scheme -- three or more colors that touch each other on the color wheel.   In this case the colors are yellow green, green and blue green with the most predominant color being olive (part of the yellow-green family*). Note the color bar on the example color wheel. Yellow or blue could have been added and it would still be an analogous color scheme. Typically the colors that touch each other on the wheel are thought of as calmly coordinating. They can sometimes turn into yawn fests, but by wearing red hair (the color across the wheel from the analogous neighbors, I punched the color a bit.

The poses are once again from the Diesel Works new Shake set.

* Edit: It should be noted that olive green is also considered a tertiary color as a mixture of the secondary colors orange and green and not a darker version of the intermediary color yellow- green. Color theorist frequently disagree. The idea that an analogous color scheme includes neighboring colors could certainly be expanded to include the tertiary "green" in this case. Like with many systems, there is no ONE way :D. Even the terms have different meanings depending on the school of thought. It is the idea that is important.


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