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Down That Chimney

WOOOOOOT!  The big December Hunts start tomorrow along with lots of other festivities. But don't get too worn out, because the Down the Chimney Hunt starts on the 6th. This is the second hunt from the Stepping Stones crew with some new additions. You have two weeks to complete this non-holiday, holiday hunt and a month to gather from many of the others. I'll try to keep you apprised, you busy little gatherers.

First up on my preview list is this great bulky sweater from ~*RunoRuno*~.  It is FAB as my mom used to say. All sorts of scrunchiness and great textures give it a casual reality. You could dress this up or down  -- or like I'm showing you *wink* with little else at all. I love it's asymmetrical nature.

It's snowing in much of our world so a warm and cozy sweater in a great nuetral color is just what we all need to make it though those cold days. And if you really must, feel free to add some leggings or a skirt to keep your delicate legs warm. Me! I'm tough.

Style Notes: 

Boots by BAX (bet you knew that)
See previous post for the other items

No new windlight settings were used in this post :D


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