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I don't really make resolutions for the new year. I try to enact changes as needed and not wait for the opening of a new calendar. But I have been thinking lately about what would make me happier and I do have a few adjustments that I will be working into my virtual life.

One thing I am going to try and do is have more fun, do what "I" enjoy doing and not necessarily what I think I should be working on "for The Blog".

The last few months have been filled with notes to designers over permissions as well as texture and script problems. I have often been in beta testing mode and it really isn't all that much fun. So from now on I am going to do my best to keep those "thought you would like to know" notes from being written. We are all adults here. We know how to test with friends and alts and it really isn't my responsibility to be the (self-imposed) watchman.  I get gold stars today for NOT writing two notes.

I am going to take my pretty pictures and enjoy exploring. I am going to continue to show my favorites of new products as well as freebies -- housewares and houses, clothes, hair and skins. I am going to report on what I find interesting; now and then throwing in a little philosophy -- for myself as much as for others. 

I went over to the dark side a little this afternoon looking at my stats, something I very rarely do. The feeds are full of 2010 reports from lots of folks. Honestly, I don't care about their numbers OR mine *wink*, but I did notice a huge spike in views on one day last month. I looked it up and it was my report on Eureka - Cool Shadows. It made me feel good that something dear to my heart had the top readership for Chic at Phil's Place since Blogger instigated stats.

So those are my personal I-hope-to-do-this alterations. May they come to pass -- or be discarded because I have found even better ones to replace them with.

Here's to a spectacular 2011!


Nissa Nightfire said…
Happy New Year, Chic :) I look forward, as always, to whatever you think is interesting enough to write a blog post on :) Me -- I have tons of new year's resolutions...but I've also resolved to stay fluid ... so we'll say :)

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