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Fleeting Winter

Winter is beginning its swansong in my neck of the woods. I say that hopefully as I am ready for the real life winter to end. The virtual one can stick around awhile longer as I love the cool neutrals of snowy climes. Layers are important in many temperate locations, early morning includes a chilly nip in the air; late afternoon brings the warming rays of the sun.

My outfit of the day includes undershirt (actually the glove layer of a sweater), shirt and pullover. I can add my warm charcoal vest if it gets really cold.  I would like to put forth one of my favorite topics for designers -- yet again. Yes, we do need all those layers. Yes sweaters as tattoos CAN come in handy. I can't tell you how many items I have had to go to Plan B or C because I couldn't get the layering to work.

This isn't so important for those using viewers with multiple layers and multiple attachments, but there are plenty of us out here that simply can't use those Version 2 viewers. Thus ends my Public Service Announcement :D. Eventually all those issues may be worked out and getting dressed will be MUCH simpler. Keeping fingers crossed is a permanent posture these days.

My great and very stylish boots are a new release from Dilly Dolls. There are three styles of fabric; knit and stripes make up the additional members of the trio. There are also tons of colors to choose from.

These  boots use an alpha layer to hide feet, so  a Viewer 2 style interface or one of the third parties is necessary.

To get photos using shadows in Imprudence  I added a giant invisiprim from a pair of older shoes. Any mod invisiprim should work for photography; you would need one of a more approximate shape for everyday wearing.
Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Paula ~ Deep Copper
Skin: [:T:] Emma / pale / co :: 06 Slate
Clothing: [Miseria] Delirium Jeans - Coal ; [Miseria] Ash Cardigan - Grey; Ducknipple Foebel - Gray
Shoes: *DD* Sonata Scrunched Boot Plaid Black

Poses by: LAP, PhotoGraphique


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