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I finished the No Place Like Home hunt last eve. I can't say that the last half was as fun as the first. Too many big stores, obtuse hints, objects found NOT where hints foretold etc., but I did find a few wonderful gifts. My two favorites for this half of the hunt are shown above.

The screen with fashionista deco (17 prims in all) hales from Tranquility Way Station Designs. Both screen and towel are color change with plenty of options to match your decor or outfit of the day. There are two reasons why this won top spot in my personal list for Part B of the hunt. The most romantic is that it reminds me of a young girl at the beach getting ready for her beau, sort of a Summer of 42 reminiscent vibe -- a very old movie that I haven't seen in decades but that came to mind. The more pragmatic is that it is so useful. It can bring divergent parts of a room together easily and would have been a key player in the second round of Hot Shots had I had it then *wink*.  A poof cassock with some very nice poses is included in the prize.

Click on any small photo for a high rez version.

This is the exterior of the darling little house from CACHE,  With a small footprint and warm inviting textures, it is a winner in my book. 78 prims in all, it includes removable window "sunshine" panels. They are very nicely done and add a realistic touch for those not using shadow viewers.

Photos here are taken with a shadow viewer.

The upstairs is especially cheery with lots of available sunlight.  The base is extra deep to work on hillsides.

Now red is not my favorite color, so I don't think I will be using this couch from Mackenzie Designs on a daily basis. It made the photo cut for this post because it is cute, nicely made and SMALL. OMG it is actually people size. Can it be so?  Evidently it can.

A stylish double chaise lounger comes with the set. I plopped myself down on it to relax and found that my feet feel over the end. I was in heaven!  I am six feet sans shoes and without any poofy hair; my feet SHOULD fall over the end *wink*. So hats off to Mack Fall for remembering that not all avatars are eight feet tall. If you are petite, get over there now!  Tables are included in the set.

That includes my pictorial review. For any of you that haven't done a hundred plus stop hunt and reported on it, it is a LOT of work. I appreciate any and all bloggers who do the work and make the effort to show us what is out there; extra points to the guys that blog both the great and not so great as it is just as important to know what you are not going to be happy with :D.

There are a few more stops that I want to mention though. Here goes.

Pocket Gardens  for  Country Impressions #5 -- a nicely done outdoorsy (works for guys too) set with stump, old stone wall (texture change), ax, lots of flora and three pose spots. A  very nice free-form fill grass is included.

There are MANY houses and skyboxes available in  the last portion of the hunt, specifically numbers after a hundred. One of my favorites is from Designer Prims Contemporary Home and comes partly furnished with a rez box at 194 prims. While it is way too roomy for me personally, it is nicely done with a good layout for many folks. The patio set on the deck let's you gaze at the skies in style.

There are some very nice decor items including a lovely gold tones painting at Dreamscapes Art Gallery. You can use the prize as a set or add items to your home individually.

Thistle Homes has a darling itsy bitsy teeny weeny greenhouse with plant. It is a little primmy, but so very cute. A great garden or home accessory.

Park Place Home D├ęcor has a nicely textured tall walnut cabinet suitable for dining or living room. Both drawers and glass doors open to the touch. It is traditionally styled and would go with many types of furniture.

Style Notes: 

Hair: ANALOG DOGmonday cherry
Skin: [:T:] Tanya / bronze :: 06 Enigma
Clothing: *ICING* Lorelei (lucky chair)

Poses by:Glitteratti from the Seasons Hunt


Lyta McKeenan said…
Wow, thanks for the feature! I really enjoyed reading the reference to the "Summer of 42" movie, haven't seen it in years myself and I'm adding it to my list of movies to watch again soon.

I've been following your blog now for some time, ever since you sent me a note a few months back. I have to thank you also for providing some wonderful commentary on several interesting Second Life locales that I might not have found if not for your blog.

-- Lyta McKeenan, Tranquility Way Station Designs

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