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What Dreams Are Made Of

Now and then posts happen when you are not expecting. Blue Blood released two new outfits today. This is definitely my favorite. The bustle is fantastic, the how-could-it-be-any-lower decolletage is ladylike if that is possible.  Two sleeve styles are included as well as a short skirt and thigh high stockings. You can leave the skirt at the door of course -- should you have a romantic night on the agenda.

I was standing around my Winterfell home admiring the play of rust against rust and the dance of patterns when a notecard came in about some new jungle grasses at Zigana. They looked lovely and I have a thing for grasses, so I zipped over.  I did a little exploring in search of the new release and found the flora on the edge of the sim not far from a picturesque gypsy wagon complete with gramophone. I couldn't resist taking some pictures. I didn't find the vendor for the grass; the sim is in remodel mode. There is always another day and another visit.

And yes, I did blur these photos on purpose, something I rarely do. In a location that reminds us what dreams are made of, it seemed fitting. 

Style Notes: 

Hair: A&A Beliza Hair 5
Skin: Tuli [:T:] Gina / fair :: 04 Galaxy
Clothing: +++BB+++ Morena RUSTY RED
Shoes: les grim heels special edition

Poses by:Behavior Body


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