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It is INDIGO week on Luna's color tour. Aside from lots of jeans that might qualify, I don't seem to have a lot of dark blue in my wardrobe. I did remember this saturated deep hued hoodie from awhile back. It was from Intrigue Co.  I added some cute new group gift glasses from K_gs and I was on my way.

Taking a ride in the city is always fun. I am not actually taking a ride however. This is a pose prop released last year by Diesel Works. It was designed as a duo device and works very well for that (photos here), but it can also be used by us single folks.

Interestingly enough, my glasses aren't viewable with shadows in Imprudence. I was wearing them in the bike photo above. Only some glow appeared.

While I am getting much better at the ins and outs of Windlight with shadows, there are some mysteries left.

The free glasses I picked up at the shop long, long ago are still on the coffee table, just in case you need more additions to your eye-wear collection.
Style Notes: 

Hair: A&A Meg Hair 5
Skin: [:T:] Gina / tan :: 05 Equinox
Clothing:Intrigue Co. - Navy Pouched Hoodie ; MALT skinny leggings
Shoes: [Decoy] Jully Boots - tinted
Accessories: K_gs ClearShutter/GroupGift; [Baubles] Simple Retro Studs  (NLA)

Poses by:LAP and Diesel Works


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