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City Lights

Boudior has a great dress out for free -- yes free. Ragged edges abound. The print is feminine but sophisticated. Definitely different and best of all fun.

Where better to show off this flirty number than in the big city? This isn't actually the city though; it isn't even an in world site. I am standing inside my new skybox surround with an artificial street I made over the weekend.

It started as my attempt to have a taste of urban life (including a great skyscraper view) on a 1024 lot. It was a fun weekend with lots of graphics work and building. I ended up with a great little penthouse apartment as well as this photo prop. Up soon on the Marketplace.

Along with the sale at Exile there are some new hairs on the free board. I am not sure that this is one of today's additions, but it was new to me. So if you haven't visited in awhile, zip on over and check out the goodies. Beware; it is both crowded and laggy with lots of shopping going on :D.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Exile Kendra/umber
Skin: Tuli [:T:] Gina / tan :: 05 Equinox
Clothing: Boudior meat  Shirt
Shoes: -TESLA- Shiny Felicity Heel red

Poses by:Diesel Works


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