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Ruby Slippers

The hunts have arrived in mass this week and I am happy to report that some are filled with wonderful goodness. Those of you that were disappointed with many of the late Fall hunts will be happy to know that there are worthwhile adventures for January.

If you read the feeds you have seen many of the gifts from the new Seasons Hunt. It is fast and fun with some beautiful items for wardrobe and home. I want to mention that there are some excellent POSES in the Seasons Hunt too. I am looking forward to using some soon.  After finishing that popular (and laggy) adventure it was time to move on.

Be on the lookout for a sparkly ruby slipper as you follow the yellow brick road in the There's No Place Like Home hunt. I am half way through the hunt and I am extremely pleased with the variety and quality of the gifts. There is something for just about everyone and of course the emphasis is on home goods.

The lovely prim flower arrangement is the prize from UrbanizeD. The gorgeous little table which comes with a very pretty diptych painting set that I forgot to photograph (bad, bad Chic) is in the Whiz hunt. Both are very nice and only moderately primmy.

There is one important step you best follow in the TNPLH hunt, and that is to keep the blog hints open as you hunt.  Each prize vendor comes complete with a list of landmarks (yeah), but MANY of them are no longer valid. People dropped out before the hunt started or whatever and the only way to know which ones to skip is by reading the hints carefully.

You will need those hints for some spots. UrbanizeD is definitely one of those *wink*. Without them you would be lost; with them most slippers are fairly easy.  I didn't find all the prizes of course. Some shops were too big, some had hints that didn't help and some I simply couldn't find.

Since many of the prizes are NO COPY, I suggest you open them right away, going back and picking up a second copy if you think you will need it.  (Yes, I am paranoid about losing no copy items). Return tripping was how I found the great table from Urbanized; I went back to get a second flower arrangement and spotted the Whiz prize very close by :D. 

Even though this hunt has just started, there are a number of stores that have moved, sometimes without no forwarding info, so the 135ish stop hunt is probably closer to 110. But even though there are a few logistic problems, the landmark list and the blog hints go a long way to make this a pleasurable experience.

So if you love to decorate your space, get out and search for those slippers. I found quite a few things that are going in my Victorian / Steam home, so all styles are covered. There are houses also as well as some nice textures.

The ruby slippers are - enkythings - Valarian Ruby (with sparkle).


- Bryn said…
Thanks for the mention! Hope you enjoy your hunt gift from Southern Bella... and from ALL the fabulous vendors in the hunt! Love this blog. So informative and well-written. Looking forward to more great info from a very CHIC chick! :)

-Bryn Bulloch, Southern Bella

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