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On The Way To Taupe

These photos were taking with the color TAUPE in mind. Somehow though taupe became khaki -- at least in my mind. Colors after all are very subjective; what is teal to one person is blue to another -- beige can be tan, charcoal becomes black. The dividing lines are always thin, often misty.

Whatever the color's name, I love these photos. They highlight my favorite There's No Place Like Home prize, the Secret Tryst building from BrickWerkz Commercial Building Company.

The thirty prim structure is rich in texture and detail, a perfect prop for photographers, a special addition to an urban or grunge sim.

Note that there are two hunts going on at the store. The prizes are in the SAME location and they are the same prize :D. So don't spend too long looking for an "additional" goodie.

Click on any small photo for a high rez version.

Whether this is taupe or khaki, celery or olive -- I enjoyed the adventure and the process. My book belt is a hunt gift of long ago from n-creation. The store closed but is open again.

My goggles are from Belle Belle courtesy of a Steam Hunt,  a bonus if I remember correctly. The Steamy season is coming again soon. I haven't noticed any posters around, but I am hoping that Steam 4 will become a reality in March.

And here is my actual TAUPE outfit featuring new Sally hair in hazelnut  with color change cap by Amacci, RC RAMONA * Brooklyn Gray blouse (old), ~*INDIE ROSE*~ High Waisted Trousers and GOS DARE Bootie in brown. See, even the designers didn't agree on the color that I consider "taupe".

 Style Notes: 

Hair: beer+eggs :: jane cocoa - tintable
Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 04
Clothing: Spirit Store - Vulkan leggings; {SMS} Longsleeve Tee; RONSEM* TEE 3Brown
Accessories: Belle Belle Steampunk Goggles;

Poses by:LAP, Everglow, DeiselWorks


Luna Jubilee said…
Taupe for me is like a khaki too!
Rudhmellowen said…
I love these pics and your colour combinations... You look like a really cute tank girl in the calm before the storm... love it!
Laila said…
Great the pics. And I dont see khaki, I see the gray tones which makes it taupe =)
Looks great - I think taupe is rather like khaki as well.
Lashae Karsin said…
Love these pics and LOVE those shoes!!

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