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1800 Prims

The most prims I have ever had at my disposal totaled 973 or so. Even that large number disappeared rapidly when given the choice of so many lovely things to decorate with. So when I got a note and a message from pitsch Parx that he had just completed a showcase home for an upcoming issue of Prim Perfect magazine, I definitely wanted to tour.

Click on any small photo for a high rez version.

There were no rules, only imagination, an empty lot and 1800 prims.

Many of the furnishings are from the UrbanizeD store of course, but others sprinkle though the mix. It is eclectic and colorful with touches of exotic locales.

The house is by Danny Bourne from ReBourne Prefabs and while it is a large structure the winding halls and various levels allow for intimate spaces.

While I used a shadow viewer for these photos, many of the dramatic shadows are from the furniture or the housing. It became difficult to tell where Mother Nature ala Windlight left off and design additions took over.

I couldn't help reflecting on the Hot Shots contest where pitsch Parx wandered through our two hour builds taking in details with the other judges.

From my point of view, he did well *wink*, but I am pretty sure it took awhile.

But what an experience!

Watch for the upcoming issue of the magazine to learn all the details.

For those of you that are part of the Prim Perfect group, there are presents in the living room. Look for the two tags on some specially made items. They are just for you.

The UrbanizeD Prim Perfect Showcase may be a little laggy. There were lots of folks visiting during my photo shoot. Thank goodness for that DERENDER choice in the pie chart and the clone tool in my graphics software.
Style Notes: 

Hair: [e] Frost - Black 02 from the Seasons Hunt
Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 04
Clothing: [Miseria] Ash Cardigan - Grey

Poses by:flowery from the Seasons Hunt


Anonymous said…
I love Danny's builds, I think he's an incredibly imaginative builder and very talented. Great shots :)

Elle Crecsendo

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