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Scary Bitch

I continued on with The Serial Killer Hunt yesterday, finishing the last third. I am happy to report that in my estimation this is a VERY GOOD hunt. That is on a scale ranging from DO NOT BOTHER to DO NOT MISS. I am not sure exactly how many levels there may be in my new personal rating system *wink*; we will see.

I didn't keep a lot of the prizes myself. Some were a bit too ghoulish for my tastes -- understandably from the theme of the hunt. I am also in inventory cleaning mode and mood again, so something has to ring my bells loudly in order to remain. That being said, most all the prizes were well made with care and of a higher caliber than we saw in many of the December Hunts. I felt like the participants actually worked on their items, not just throwing something in a box at the last minute. Most of the shops were new to me and I enjoyed exploring.

Another BIG point in my rating system is how easy the hunt is. Well, let's not call it "easy", let's call it fair. On the FIRST day of the hunt (in the last third that I visited) I was able to find many of the prizes. I only found one severed head (the hunt object) missing its prize. It was set for sale however and it included the next landmark. AND there are both hints and SLURLs on the blog. So even if I couldn't find the prize, I could move on. Actually the hints were very good.

Three of my favorites so far are featured in this post:

  • A great skin from Plastik -- one of several in the pack that includes other items. 
  • A nice buckled jacket ( I am guessing unisex) from Miu' by Zoex.
  • A non-scripted katana sword that fits me REALLY well from :::insanya:::,

And then there is the gift featured in the previous post. One just never knows when they might need a straight jacket :D.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Magika Hair // Glitter Aina
Skin: :[P]:-LionHeart-Pale-Serial Killer
Clothing: *ZX* Jaket buckle; MALT Shiney Leggings
Shoes: [LP] Jax Boot  (NLA)

Poses by: Posemaster, Nicotine, Gesticulate, aDORKable


Anonymous said…
Is the Lionheart skin a preview and not released as of yet?
Chic Aeon said…
No, Sunshine, it is a part of a hunt prize. Look for the bulleted list above the Style Notes. This whole post was about the Serial Killer Hunt :D
Shania Singh said…
I did not finnish the hunt yet but will surely pick up the skin you featured --- another great item in my opinion was the Jack the Ripper Dress from LNL --- though I only found the head with a lot of ppl from fellow hunters
Chic Aeon said…
Ah I gave up at LNL, Shania. They do have nice things but the hint wasn't helping me a lot and I don't do well in those BIG shops. Glad to know you found something though :D.

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