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Year of the Bunny

Ozimals and The Magic of Oz are celebrating the Chinese New Year with a Year of the Bunny hunt. Lots of great gifts are yours for a little trekking and gathering.

If you have been on any of the Oz hunts of late, you know the drill. Find the tokens -- in this case shiny gold coins -- filling the basket you wear while exploring both sims. The coins are obvious and in clusters, so  there is no real HUNTING involved.

Once your basket if filled you can choose tokens that are good for gifts at the various stores.  It is all explained in the notecard that comes with your basket. Find them at either landing point. Be sure and visit both sims.

Prizes range from jewelry to prop poses to mouthwear. And then there is the gorgeous dress in the top photo from Pas De Deux.

If you ever wanted to feel like a fairy princess, this is the dress. It is stunning!

The mouthwear and earrings at the right are part of the gift from sanu. A beautiful calligraphy brush (mouth) is also included. You click on the brush to get the Year of the Rabbit card mouthwear. All very tasteful and beautifully textured.

Larger prizes include this rustic bunny house -- also suitable as a shop from mocha and the "I Love Bunnies" photo prop from Jolly Farm.

This lovely Year of the Rabbit bracelet with colorful Chinese stamps is from Elizabeth Tinsley  of Frippery.

These are just some of the many gifts to be found at the event which opens today.

Go forth, explore. Have fun.

Poses by:BehaviorBody and Pffiou.


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