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Fallen Angel

Finishing up my report on The Serial Killer Hunt, I give you some exceptionally gorgeous wings from ::{Favole}::. Small and understated and sad.  I don't wear wings often, but these seem special somehow. I paired them with a short jacket from Blue Blood, also from the hunt.

I found the beginning of the hunt more difficult than the ending. Large stores with clues that made little since had me abandoning the hunt at that locale and moving onward. There are likely some nice prizes I will never see, but searching for an hour is not in my nature. Of the smaller establishments and ones with clues that helped *wink* I am showing you two everyday casual unisex items, a black hoodie shrug with built in tee from Love Zombie and some detailed snow boots from Bedlam.

There were some impressively crafted specialty items in this hunt, many too dark and bloody for my personal tastes. So if you are faint of heart, this may not be the experience you crave. If you love all the gore, this is definitely an adventure you will enjoy.

I am wearing some new hair from Alli&Ali. You can pick up Meg in Copper on the Marketplace as a dollarbie. My skin is from the hunt also and gets a big thumbs up from me. See yesterday's post.

Poses by:LAP


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