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What's The News

New hunting opportunities arrive on the morrow, but don't miss out on ones that started the first of the month. I spent much of yesterday on the What's The News Hunt. I tried doing the hunt on its opening day and that was a disaster. With almost no hints on the blog, my searching left me with very few rolled up newspapers. Thursday's adventure was a much better experience and I am happy to report that there are a host of wonderful prizes on this hunt.

Some of my personal favorites are shown here including the extremely creative  hair with camcorder headband from Gridhiker's Gesamtkunstwerk. It may not be the most flattering style for my face shape but I love the uniqueness. It even has a pad and pencil up top for spur of the moment note taking. The pack comes with a variety of colors.

These very cute pants are part of a set from Saris Creations.  A tank and some matching beach sandals are included in the pack. A tee is the alternate prize for the guys. I switched to a unisex shirt from the Misera prize set for a more professional reporter look. For day to day wear I would probably go with a sleek black turtleneck and some bright red hair *wink*.

The newsstand build behind me is the prize from Blaisdale and Co. With lots of creative details it is a great addition to your prop collection or your retro sim. I believe it is patterned after the train station stands of the 1930s or somewhere in that era. I wasn't there then of course, but I have seen plenty of period movies.The build includes a tall station clock. Several pieces are separate so you could use them in other ways. The globes spin slowly and the magazine collection definitely takes you back in time.

Later note: coffee Carpaccio, the designer has made a lot of changes based on my feedback (boy do I feel special) and many of the notes below are no longer applicable. Yeah!

Now there are two caveats about this 135 prim build. First and foremost, it is NO COPY and comes in a rez box. So, if you make the mistake of choosing DEREZ like I did, it deletes the build and you have no way of getting it back. The instructions DO tell you that you are deleting, but the idea was so foreign to me that I was very surprised to find myself sans newsstand. Easy enough to go pick up another copy right now -- but in the future you would be lost. 

The second item of note is that the stand rezzes with  a collection of pose balls. The balls are no mod and linked so changing the positions can't occur. After trying  few of the typical hide commands, they were still in evidence and not photogenic *wink*. I picked them up for this photo, losing a couple of pillars in the mix, but for photographic use that works fine.

I have lots of other items from this hunt that I will try and work in throughout the month. There are plenty of very nicely made retro furniture and decor items. This is a unisex hunt so most of the clothing works for both sexes (or their are two gifts). There are some large stores with vague hints and there are a few new creators whose items will most likely not thrill you, but all in all definitely worth time and energy if you are into historical or retro items. I have kept more things from this hunt than any hunt since STEAM 3, and while my tastes may not mirror yours,  most items that I found are well made and very creative.

One other prize I want to tell you about is this customizable magazine from Ange'sYou add your profile photo or other picture to the magazine cover. Presto -- you are famous!

This item is full perm so you can adjust as needed, make copies for your friends, and share the glory.  A version for the wall is also included.

Style Notes: 

Hair: "Ready" - Brown
Skin: Tuli [:T:] Eva / tan / br :: 02 Orbit w black lash tattoos
Clothing: ~(Misera)~ Newsboy Shirt ; SS The New pants
Accessories: Homespun Hornrimmed Glasses

Poses by:LAP


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