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Looking Towards Spring

This super cute garden hutch with object rezzer is available at Cheeky Pea tomorrow as a Super Bargain Saturday deal. The empty hutch -- quite nice as simply a piece of furniture is five prims. With all the garden accessories rezzed it is 95 prims. I have shown you my favorite version which is 83 prims. The roses on the side are absolutely lovely but weigh in at 30 prims. So if you are in the "I am always running out of prims" camp like me, best to choose some of the less costly items.

The backdrop photo can disappear. You can rez just the hutch and the baskets for a dining room  option. Add your cherished accessories to your favorite included items -- the possibilities go on and on. The rezzed objects WILL count against your prim allotment. This is not a temp rezzer item. That works for me as temp rezzers aren't allowed in many sims including the Winterfells.

So whether you use it outdoors or in, Springtime or all year round, this is a fun addition to your homestead.This is a COPY item. The linked accessory objects need to be near (not necessary ON) the hutch for them to remain. They will last a little while on their own for photo shoots, but not as permanent decor items.

Update: I forgot to tell you that the hutch ALSO comes with six built in /1a adjusting animations -- super cute and some I haven't seen before. All fit me! (gasp) So, I am thrilled of course. Up to six folks can sit with each choosing their preferred available animation.

With a bit more exploration I found that the bottom doors open, closing a bit later on a timer.   The hutch comes with a large shadow that is not removable,  The top photo is taken with viewer shadows turned on and this bottom one with them off. In many cases you could lower the furniture just a bit into the floor to hide the shadow. That is what I did in the top photo.

There are also two new great looking hunt prizes out tomorrow at Cheeky Pea. You can bet I'll be over there to search for them.

My new boots are by Dilly Dolls! Choose from many colors.

Style Notes: 

Hair:Amacci Hair Paula ~ Chestnut Tipped Brown
Skin:[]::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 04
Clothing: PARADISIS Cold Kiss : Sweater top brown; [[[ SWANSONG ]]] Timeless Jeans (Sunrise); CONCRETE FLOWERS- NEWSPAPER VEST-send a letter- (old)
Shoes: Dilly Dolls *DD* Lyden 2 Boot Brown  (new)

Pose by:LAP


Isla said…
<3 Love the pics Chic!!

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