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Bundling Up

My subway installation will be closing in less than two weeks. Time does fly. I'll miss the rainy sidewalks and spectral denizens but moving forward is most always the best plan. And I have started on a new project already. Meanwhile, it is good to come back and visit, cementing memories.

Winter can be dreary at times, but this new poncho set from Gwen Carillon Designs can lift your spirits with a mix of muted blues and greens. A cosy poncho  is the key piece of the set. Soft and comfy leggings work great with your favorite boots.

My slightly modded umbrella is a great find on the Marketplace. I came across it while looking for sculpt maps for my new project. For just a buck you get a nice umbrella with two poses. Click the umbrella to change from open to closed and back again. Click the handle to change textures. Manually mod what you like. Hard to beat, this gift is from Silk Aeon, presumably a distant cousin *wink*.

And, you can still be color coordinated when you move to warmer territory. Just take off the poncho and you have a nice hoodie sweater!

Poses by: Vista Animations


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