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Room With A View

It is time for me to pull up roots again. The Subway will be dismantled at the end of the month to make room for a new artist intent on creation. Knowing that time was short, I spent the afternoon the other day looking at rentals. The story doesn't end there of course and this will be a long post, but since I did ALL that research -- and since my friends seem to think I have some of the "best land karma" around (read that I spend a lot of time researching), I decided to share my top finds. These will all be in the low prim, low rent area. I know that plenty of you are prim rich and many even have whole sims, but for that guys and gals on a budget as well as new arrivals, this one's for you.

Happily I have two new releases to show you on our housing tour, a new peasant blouse from Graffitiwear. It goes perfectly with these overalls from Leri Miles Designs. I love these!  Honestly. They come in tons of colors. I picked red purposefully to go with my new decor.  My elf boots were one of the advent gifts from Yasum Designs, so hopefully you picked those up along the way. Fun.

So, stop one on our housing tour is an unfurnished flat in London Mayfair.  Roomy, white walls with bay windows, a deck overlooking rooftops; it is 100 prims for $150 a week -- 4 week minimum. There are actually two or more of these available.

Darling little snow covered cabins from {what next} complete with holiday festive furnishings are yours for $350 a week with 20 personal prims. Extremely realistic snow adds to the ambiance at Fennville.

A similar cute little cabin in a picturesque village comes furnished with 30 personal prims. Cabins 1,3 and 7 are only $100 a week and FREE until January 7. Rent for four weeks and get one week back.  With lots of open space, these are indeed winners. The place? Jasper Island. You can purchase extra prims if needed.

If you are hankering for some place different to live, this very nicely made treehouse is available unfurnished at Butterfly Hollow.  There is a hollow tree stump with elevator to the open air living space. Privacy as well as fresh air!  $374 per week with 150 prims.

So where did "I" end up?  On one of the best view lots of the mainland!  Yesterday late afternoon after several hours of video editing, I decided to see what was around land wise. I started at my friend EE's sim which is on the same continent as my long time studio. I found a lot in his sim for something like $120 linden (to buy). I was surprised that the land bots hadn't purchased that. 

Anyway, after an hour or so perusing 512s near the water I found a lot with the view of the long suspension bridge. It was cheap (not $120 but definitely a very good buy) and has a protected view looking out at about 20 Linden water and waterfront sims. I have always loved this bridge and had looked at property there in the past (mucho dinero).  I can't own land, but I have one real life friend left who has the ability and doesn't use it. So I sent him the purchase price and he will "pay" the tier.

I built and furnished the house and he can stop in when he likes (like almost never - LOL). So a win win situation. The shadows are great. Windlight and the sky and the bridge are hypnotic. I am a happy gal knowing my land karma is still in force.

And, if you actually read this far, I want to let you know that Vista Animations has a really nice holiday gift out for everyone. Male and female idle animations as well as a really nice low key dance are yours for $0.

Poses by: Vista Animations


Leri Miles said…
Ty for the blog, it is appreciated!

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